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Tree Coppicing Oldham is actually a type of woodland management dating back many centuries. Whenever a tree is cut down the stump sprouts countless shoots (poles) which are quick growing and have several uses. After the tree has been cut and the stump created a multitude stems this is then known as a coppice stool / tree coppicing Oldham.

The technique for tree coppicing Oldham is

Remove all leaves together with other debris surrounding the bottom of the stool.

Cut and remove any lifeless or perishing stems. Beginning on one side of the stool cut the most attainable poles working in to the middle of the stool. Preferably a single cut ought to be made approximately 1-2 inches above the location where the branch grows from the stool. This cut ought to be set at an angle 15 to 20 degrees from the horizontal with the lowest point facing in an outward direction from the centre of the stool.

It is usually essential to create a initial cut higher and then trim back as above when conducting tree coppicing Oldham.

Exactly why does tree coppicing Oldham benefit woodland diversity?

When an area of woodland is coppiced the sunlight getting to the earth during the summer time is improved 20 fold and 3 to 4 fold in planting season. This burst of sunshine kick starts a whole range of plants and flowers into life typically leading to carpets of colour. Included in this are:

Spring perennials- bluebell, primrose, wood anemone, lesser celandine, early purple, yellow archangel.

Summer perennials- meadowsweet, sanicle, dog violet, water avens.

Buried seed plants- bugle, creeping jenny, wood spurge, hemp nettle, foxgloves, St.John’s-wort, centaury, brambles.

Mobile plants- marsh thistle, burdock.

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