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Affordable Tree Surgery are the leading experts in stump grinding Oldham, having operated in the industry for over 10 years.

Trees ordinarily, when felled are cut close to the ground will be left to rot, feeding the floor beneath with nutrition, but the process could be increased by stump grinding Oldham. This method prevents the stump delivering shoots in the root system and regenerating, which is a very real possibility with a few species even when they’ve been ground underneath the surface. Stump grinding Oldham doesn’t remove all of the roots, however it does break lower the primary section at the bottom of the tree.

Following the tree stump removal, grindings are usually left on-site for use as mulch that may be mixed in to the soil substrate to supply nutrient wealthy ground that’s ideal for plant growth. This eliminates the additional price of digging out and moving the stump. Alternatively, we are able to take away the grindings for recycling.

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Affordable tree surgery is a leader in the field of stump grinding and tree care and have the knowledge to handle all of the common problems faced when getting rid of tree stumps.
stump grinding oldhamThe machines themselves are available in various dimensions, but they’re all heavy. They are able to, therefore, damage weak and soft ground when they’re maneuvered round the stump. Affordable Tree Surgery has a variety of machines at its disposal and also the expertise to go into small spaces and crannies that elude many ‘tree surgeons’.

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There´s much more to tree stump removal than you would think, then. However with the very best equipment, experience and also the abilities to complete the job, Affordable Tree Surgery will make the job look easy. So if you’re stumped, contact us today for stump grinding Oldham, and we’ll bring the grind.